Ministério da agrucultura
Plant in Lençóis Paulista/SP
Cattle Slaughter Capacity**: 850 heads/day
Building Area: 21.182 square meters
Production Capacity: 359 ton/day
Total Storage Capacity: 1.824 ton
Employees: 1.170
Operating Since: 1992
Ministério da agrucultura
Plant in Água Azul do Norte/PA
Cattle Slaughter Capacity**: 1.250 heads/day
Building Area : 19.618 square meters
Production Capacity : 490 ton/day
Total Storage Capacity : 1.370 ton
Employees : 1.230
Operating Since: 2004
Ministério da agrucultura
Plant in São Felix do Xingu/PA*
Cattle Slaughter Capacity**: 900 heads/day
Building Area : 17.720 square meters
Production Capacity : 285 ton/day
Total Storage Capacity : 1.470 ton
Employees : 680
Operating Since: 2013
Distribution Center in Bauru - SP
Retail Distribution to SP countryside
Monthly Volume: 2.000 tons
Operating Since 2019
Distribution Center in Jandira - SP
Retail Distribution to SP city area
Monthly Volume : 1.500 tons
Operating Since: 2022
Feedlot in Água Azul do Norte - PA
Capacity: 12.600 animals per year
Cycles: 2 per year
Cycle duration: 95 days
Semi feedlot in São Félix do Xingu - PA
Capacity : 10.500 animals per year
Cycles: 2,5 per year
Cycle duration : 120 days
Note: (*) Most modern slaughter plant in Brazil for Israel market authorized exporters; (**) Capacity as authorized by MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) ;(***) Frigol is a raw material supplier approved by the McDonald's certification granted to Frigorífico Marfrig. Frigol is able to supply raw materials to products for McDonald's customers.