High-Quality and Safe Frigol Food Products


Frigol is fully committed to delivering safe food products to customers. It adopts strict production controls and has a Food Quality and Safety Department to establish and monitor the safest procedures to be complied with by plants, meeting various international protocols and legal requirements imposed by the countries where we are authorized to operate.

Our Food Quality and Safety Department coordinates works together with production units, guiding and monitoring procedures through constant communication and internal audits. As a result, we have fundamental pillars to ensure food products will meet all the expectations of our customers and consumers.


Ensuring food products that are free from accidental or interclonal contaminants.


Ensuring compliance with product sensory specifications.


Ensuring large-scale production flow and reliability of food products that will be delivered to consumers.


Ensuring that target markets and their respective clients comply with legal requirements.


The policy of Frigol is to continuously improve its processes and products, meet the needs of customers and stakeholders, produce authentic products, comply with legal requirements, and achieve high food quality and safety standards, by training employees, partners and suppliers.
Our fresh beef and pork plants are certified by the HACCP program. Additionally, our fresh beef plants meet the BRCGS Food Safety Standard, with units audited by an independent certifier authority.

Our quality management system is secure and effective, proven by the results obtained last year. The company maintained all its export authorizations, being present in over 60 countries worldwide. Also, we did not record any product recall in any of our plants.
We use several controls to guarantee the quality and safety of the food products we produce, namely:

Good Manufacturing Practices Program (GMPP)

The Good Manufacturing Practices Program consists of a set of standards adopted to ensure highly sanitized operations and food product compliance with technical regulations.

Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP)

The Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure consists of developed, implemented and monitored standards and procedures to ensure that facilities, equipment and utensils are sanitized before, during and after meat processing.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

The Integrated Pest Management consists of constant preventive and corrective actions to eliminate pest across plants. It implements mechanisms and controls in internal and external areas.

Sanitation Operating Procedure (SOP)

The Sanitation Operating Procedure consists of procedures used across food handling operations, ensuring that the necessary care is taken to produce high-quality products.

Industrial Maintenance Program

The Industrial Maintenance Program consists of a preventive equipment and facilities maintenance program aiming to maintain assets fully functioning, without risks to production.

Laboratory Product Analysis Program

Third-party laboratories perform microbiological and physicochemical analysis of our equipment and food products across production stages, in order to verify the efficiency of our production procedures and sanitization, ensuring high-quality and safe products for our customers.


HACCP Program

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) consists of a tool that identifies and controls chemical, physical and microbiological hazards that could put consumers’ lives at risk (applicable to all production lines).

Traceability Program

It consists of a tool used to control processes and products, whereby the company has full control over production – from rural properties to product shipment to various markets.

Recall Program

It consists of a tool that, together with the Traceability Program, allows the company to trace back and recall any product it deems necessary, due to any detected fault, thereby ensuring full product safety for customers.

Training Program

All Frigol employees undergo periodic training to improve their knowledge and performance during day-to-day production operations, with a view to ensuring adequate execution of procedures for safely producing our high-quality products.

Food Defense Program

This program assesses potential vulnerabilities of the production process to intentional contamination and uses specific procedures to protect food manufacturing against physical, chemical, microbiological and allergenic hazards.

Food Fraud Program

This program assesses potentially and economically motivated adulteration among our suppliers. It also assesses our own production process. Through specific procedures, the program ensures authentic food manufacturing that will not put consumers’ health at risk.

Supplier Management Program

This program assesses the approval of new suppliers and determines the level of criticality of different suppliers and their respective items, defining specific assessments (standard certification recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative, Local Audit, or Self-Assessment Questionnaire). The result of this assessment is used to determine whether a supplier is able to provide inputs for Frigol.

Frigol Animal Welfare

The Humane Slaughter and Animal Welfare Program aims to establish significant rules to protect animals during preslaughter and slaughter, minimizing their suffering, providing better technical conditions, and best authorized practices, ensuring a high-quality and safe end product.

Programas de Qualidade e Segurança de Alimentos Implantados pela Empresa


  • To respect all animals, avoiding the unnecessary suffering of animals destined for slaughter at our company.
  • To constantly promote procedures for the well-being of received animals, complying with laws and producing high-quality food products for our customers.
  • To further strengthen our partnerships with cattle suppliers.
  • To support in animal handling practices in rural properties, seeking the best animals.

Our parameters include the Brazilian law, but due to our authorizations, we follow protocols such as the European Union’s CEEE 1099 Regulation, and the Protocol of the North American Meat Institute (NAMI).

We follow the Five Freedoms, as per the Farm Animal Welfare Committee (FAWC):


To ensure conditions that avoid animal hunger, thirst and malnutrition.


To ensure conditions that avoid animal fear and anguish.


To ensure conditions that avoid physical and thermal discomfort.


To ensure conditions that avoid animal pain, injury and disease.


To ensure conditions that allow for normal animal behavior.

Our teams (employees, drivers and leaders) are trained in different stages of the process so as to diffuse our culture and the best animal welfare and handling practices.

Our units have a specific employee to assess the requirements of the company’s humane slaughter program. This professional monitors processes and takes action to ensure that all chain procedures are followed.

We created an Animal Welfare Committee together with the leadership of the units aiming to define actions to ensure compliance with the animal welfare policy and obtain results that will continuously improve the industry and its processes.

Every day, we work to improve the animal welfare industry together with farmers, origination teams, leaders and employees, and ANIMAL ABUSE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED BY THE COMPANY, reinforcing that animals sent for slaughter are the food put on the table of many families, including ours.

Skilled labor

Frigol employees are trained and equipped to follow the best food manufacturing practices, always ensuring the delivery of healthy and safe products. Additionally, the company monitors its direct suppliers from which all fresh product lines come.


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